We hear a lot about the Republican ‘War on Women.’ It’s not cool Rush Limbaugh called somebody a slut. Okay. But Saudi women can’t vote, or drive, or hold a job, or leave the house without a man. Overwhelming majorities in every Muslim country say a wife is always obliged to obey her husband. That all seems like a bigger issue than evangelical Christian bakeries refusing to make gay wedding cakes. — Bill Maher

An armed liberal pansy is still a liberal pansy.

How liberals think

There is never a right or a wrong. Any act their critics don’t approve of in modern times can be excused because something totally unrelated happened hundreds of years ago. Hamas kidnapping Israeli children? But Founding Fathers are like Hamas, because witch trials! Riots in Ferguson? But slavery! ISIS beheading someone? But THE CRUSADES! If they can find a completely unrelated event from hundreds of years ago and use it out of context in order to create moral ambiguity, they will. There is no “right or wrong” or “absolute truth” in the mind of the leftist.

Calling one a faggot does not make one homophobic…. being against homosexuality and believing it is a sin does not make one a homophobe. Phobia is a fear of something. So, how is being against something necessarily make you afraid of that thing? I’m against liberals being elected to office so they can steal my money and give it to someone else„, especially when that liberal is a Republican. Does that make me a libaphobe??? I

One day, in the not-too-distant future, some guy or gal (probably in Europe) is going to marry an ape. A literal simian. And some EU judge will say that it’s okay, because apes are a close relative to humans, and they are sentient, and that the couple can communicate using sign language, so it’s consensual and justwonderful. And people who disagree with this will be denounced as haters who are intolerant of love.

Just wait.

The Nazi family on our block is so nice. They are not like those radical Nazis.

If we spoke about Nazis the way we do about Muslims today.


In America today, it is considered worse to judge evil than to do evil. — Os Guinness (via you-before-me)

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If Islam was a religion of peace than their extremist would be extremely peaceful.

Libertarians be like: This politician that I agree with 99.9999999% of the time took a stand for something that I disagree with, therefore, I relinquish all my support for him and I declare him not a true libertarian like I and everyone who agrees with my views.

Any force sufficient to prevent riots from getting out of hand is almost certain to be characterized as “excessive force” or “over-reaction” by people with zero experience trying to stop riots. THOMAS SOWELL

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